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Commissioned a new production for the assembly of heat metering devices.
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The production area is equipped with up-to-date sophisticated automatic technological machinery of different Western European companies: "Klingelnberg", "Schering", "Hawera"(Germany), "Projectina" (Switzerland), "Chemcut", that enables to produce one-, double-side and flex printed circuit boards with the following characteristics (PCB Design):

  • max dimension - 400x500 mm;
  • material - FR4 (Isola) - 0.3 up to 2.5 mm;
  • min wire width - 0.15 mm;
  • min contact pad diameter - 1.0 mm;
  • min hole diameter - 0.5 mm;
  • circuit boards with galvanic palladium and gold coating;
  • circuit boards with insulating soldering masks "RSR-4000"(Japan), "EMP 110"(Sweden)
  • marking by silkscreen technology.

Thanks to its high-quaity technology "RD Electronic" is capable of an annual output of 1.5-2 mil square decimeters of printed circuit boards of European level of quality.

Galvanic line SCHERING Dyna+
Masking and marking equipment
Quality control