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Commissioned a new production for the assembly of heat metering devices.
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Our company is experienced in production of analyzing technology production used in nuclear physics, medicine, telecommunication, power supply units, voltage converters, adapters of various modifications and also gas detectors for home and industrial use.


"RD Electronic" makes double-sided surface mounting on printed circuit boards with use of automatic equipment for installation of electric components, which allows to make mounting of the blocks in both small bathes and big ones. Mounting of radio components is carried out by manual soldering and wave. Soldering of SMD components is made on the IR - soldering workstations.Rinsing of the PCBs takes place on vibrating washing machines.

We have a wide range of tool - machines for winding of transformers, power sources of impulse transformers, inductance coils and winding of throttle valve's relays. In using torroid cores, the minimum internal diameter of transformer is 6 mm and maximum external diameter is 150 mm. Winding of transformers is carried out by wire of 0.02 to 2.5 mm with enamel or cloht coating. If it necessary, partial or full hermetizing and encapsulating in a compound is used.